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The spring course is wrapping up

The Spring course is wrapping up.
It means we are now in the crunch to prepare for the Summer Course.

The crunch is finding teachers.

Our student population has grown from a little less than 200 when I arrived to well over 600. The number of teachers has grown from four to seven.
We have just lost Janice. She decided to go back to Canada. Janice is a terrific teacher and a nice person, and she is missed.
Kim leaves soon.
Marrie leaves in July.
We need at least three teachers for full time contracts and three extra for the summer.
I need a day off.
Jacky has asked me to participate in two Seminars tomorrow. He told me on Monday.
As if I can teach, recruit, train, market and do the little extras.
… then again …Did i have to say yes?

That’s the fun of China.

I like my job.
I like the people I work with.
I like China.
I like the students.
I love my family.
We’ll make it work.
All the little truths yiou tell yourself to get through the rough patches.
Don’t delude yourself. if you hate it … move on.
Don’t look for ways to be miserable.

Feel the serenity

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