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A pain in the back

Saturday, June 9th, 2007

A friend wrote to explain why she hadn’t wrote.
As with many of us she suffers from back pain.
Her pain is severe.
Mine is annoying.
I’ve had some problems with a herniated disk that I didn’t know I had. I’d had back pain for years and just put it down to a pinched-nerve.
Experiencing winter again in China brought the pain back in spades. I decided to go to a traditional therapist.
He placed two fingers on my shoulder and you’d think that a sledgehammer, dipped in lava, had slammed me.
I screamed loud enough to pull people out of the halls into the examination room. Thankfully the doctor was working in a fairly modern facility. He arranged an MRI and discovered the herniated disk.

I’ve since had traditional therapy here in Indonesia.
I’m fine, but I can still draw crowds with my screaming.

Family is doing well.
I’m off for a week. A holiday that will, hopefully, be relaxing.
Our weather here has been good. Generally hot, with the occasional thunderstorm.
We’ve been staying home for the most part.
We rent a nice place that has a decent garden. At least it’s become a garden with Emily’s gentle coaxing.

All the best, Wayne

A writer writes

Friday, June 8th, 2007

ChildrenMany well intentioned souls label themselves as actors, novelists, writers, dancers, singers, poets, painters and inventors; and yet nary a scripted word is uttered, nor page published, nor choreographed steps taken. A single note remains unreleased, stanzas stuck in rhyme less amber, canvas lies unsullied, and better mouse traps await their builders.

This is not to discourage dreamers.
Dream and let the dreams urge you forward. Don’t become a label with no substance.

Become the noun and live the verb.

Tim Hannigan is a writer.
Tim Hannigan writes.

Pulau Naga


Birthdays and beer

Sunday, June 3rd, 2007
I just survived my 46th birthday. No, I didn't go out and get drunk or anything else crazy and irresponsible that middle-age is supposed to entail. I had a very nice dinner at the Rocks restaurant with family. Saturday I did go ... [Continue reading this entry]