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The neverending battles

Saturday, July 31st, 2010

On occasion you find it’s time to take stock of your life, and re-assess your priorities. A few moments to consider your familial, emotional,physical and financial balance.

As I look around at my family, more immediately my wife and young son, I see that things are okay there. Our oldest son is going to return to school. Our daughter is coping with family and business. our grandchildren are well. Our little guy Wyatt has jumped into school head first, and is doing well.  Emily has started a new business with her sister and it looks to be another success. So far,as someone more succinct than myself has said, so good.

As for our teacher-training center; it runs  at somewhat less capacity than we’d hoped – but it does run.

Our emotional state can be best described as anxious with a pinch of panic. No dramas, just life in the third millennium(as it is reckoned by some). Stress from work, and pressure from home tend to cross over at times. Wyatt is still coping with a school-yard bully, but seems to be holding his own.

Our paperwork seems to grow with each passing day. The internet, which is impossible to ignore in any modern work place, is an ongoing tragedy. As much due to badly maintained networks, as it is to a wonky connection. I have my secondary two class working on a project called ‘student stress’, and some are doing well.

So how to deal with life? I get up a little early. Check mail, and then do my push-ups, sit-ups and a few repetitions with the dumbbells if I remember. I’ve actually toned up a bit, and managed to drop two kilos.

Hope you’re all doing well