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Welcome to 'Travels with my Angst'.
It's a place to learn a little something about the kind of individual who would choose to live overseas. What kind of demented loon(are there sane loons?) would choose to teach for a living?
Perhaps you've come here to learn. Perhaps you're curious. Perhaps you can't sleep.
Come dip your toes into the refreshing silliness that is our little corner of Cyberia.

Joan Emery is an artist from Georgian Bay

July 24th, 2014

Joan Emery is an artist from Georgian Bay.

For many years she has had an interest in art. She has been involved in Arts on the Bay since its start in 1991 and is a founding member.

For 17 years she was a school board trustee for the Parry Sound School board as well as held art shows in the local school in the summer months.

Joan has been happily married for 57 years and raised a family of six!

It was not until her retirement that her own art became center stage. She paints a wide range of subjects including wildlife, sailboats and lighthouses.

There’s always something new on the horizon for this artist.
(text above taken directly from

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CEC: Canadian English Course

July 22nd, 2014 English Course is a language center that focuses on English language training for a variety of purposes and for all ability levels.

Wordle: Canadian English Course

Join us at CEC

CEC also hosts English language competitions.

Netty Poernomo
Telephone: +62 31 732 0973
Fax: +62 31 732 0974

Campus Address:
Raya Darmo Permai 111 KAV 15
Surabaya, Jawa Timur, 60241
Telephone: +62 31 732 0973
Fax: +62 31 732 0974

Activities for Canadian English Course: classes education’ development Training Solutions Centers services development Prep tuition


Raya Darmo Permai 111 KAV 15
Surabaya 60241 Jawa Timur
Kompl Citraland Cluster Taman Puspa Raya Bl B-12/49
Made, Lakarsantri
Surabaya 60219 Jawa Timur
Jl Ketabang Kali 2
Ketabang, Genteng
Surabaya 60272 Jawa Timur
Jl Raya Jemursari 203-205/A-17
Jemur Wonosari, Winocolo
Surabaya 60237 Jawa Timur
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New courses for 2014

July 12th, 2014

Course Dates

Course in Surabaya and Bali dates for 2014

  • 4 August – 29 August 2014
  • 1 September – 26 September 2014
  • 6 October – 31 October 2014
  • 3 November – 28 November 2014
  • 1 December – 23 December 2014

Course dates for 2015

Surabaya, East Java


January           5-30
February         2-27
March              2-27
April                6-30(1st of May if scheduling allows)
May                 4-29
June               1-26
July (unlikely due to Ramadan/(Lebaran)Idul Fitri
August           3-28
September   1-25
October         5-30
November    2-27
December   30-23(Saturday classes TBA)

Contact us for more details

Denpasar,   Bali

January        5-30
February      2-27
March           2-27
April              6-30(1st of May if scheduling allows)
May               4-29
June             1-26
July               6-31
August         3-28
September 1-25
October        5-30
November    2-27
December   30-23(Saturday classes TBA)

Please contact us with any more questions

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The Crystal Monkey

July 11th, 2014

The Crystal Monkey by Patrick Nohrden

Little Min Li believes she lives in the world’s greatest nation until the Red Guards terrorize her village. And when her father sells her crystal monkey to buy alcohol, Min Li loses much more than a beloved toy. As she grows up, Min Li must rediscover her hope and courage in order to achieve her greatest dreams. This true-life story will capture your heart!

Purchase here:

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June Meeting of InterNations Surabaya

July 6th, 2014

InterNations - the Community for Expatriates and Global Minds

InterNations Surabaya Friday night at Kirkos

Internations Pre-Ramadan Event

At Kirkos 4th Floor Ciputra World
Jun 27, 2014
28 Attendees

We just made it before the month long ban on alcohol sales. We had a good group – about 25 people – and it was a fun evening. We had a large number of new faces, from New York,Belfast,Finland, and of course from Surabaya. Thank you to everyone who came out. Special Thanks to Chris whose negotiating wizardry allowed the evening to come together.

Start date: Jun 27, 2014 19:00
End date: Jun 27, 2014 23:59

Kirkos! Wine Bar
Bar & Grill Mayjen Sungkono 73, Ciputra World, 4th Floor
Surabaya, Indonesia
+62 31 51200051

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Do you believe in Magic?

July 2nd, 2014

Do you believe in Magic?

“In Indonesia, the common term for practitioners of traditional healing, magic and sorcery is dukun. … In the past dukun used both white and black magic. …”

It’s all too easy to roll your eyes when people talk about Black magic, curses, masuk angin, and the power to hold off the rain, but maybe there’s something to this stuff.
Stories abound of the magic that chills, kills, heals, and apparently repeals(the laws of nature) here in Indonesia.
Every so often a newspaper story tells of the demise of some poor soul who ran afoul of a dukun.
Lately, we’ve been experiencing a long stretch of hot weather where we should be getting rain. Areas around us have been drenched to the point of flooding, but poor old Surabaya, Porong and Sidoarjo are being baked.
The reason …Black Magic, Baby!
“Pshaw,” you say. Which you have to admit is a silly thing to say. “There’s no such thing as magic.”
The local residents in Porong have employed the dark side of the force …er …dukons to hold off the rain. Porong residents fear the rain, and resultant flooding will exacerbate the problems already caused by boiling mud.
A few months ago the earth started spewing up mud. Steaming liquid has destroyed homes, flooded and ruined farmland, decimated an industrial area and washed out roads. If you knew Harry Potter’s cell number, you’d call him too.
Logic be damned.

What about the healing?
First off, a healer may use magic, but he/she is not a Dukun.
I’ve been going to a local healer for a couple of weeks.
Pak Harto is said to be able to channel energy and heals all sorts of things. A friend with heart problems swears by him. I actually just swore. Man, this healing hurts.
What the heck is wrong with me? Well, I’ve got a herniated disk, between the fourth and fifth vertabrae. Sometimes it hurts, and sometimes it’s bad.
Pak Harto is the man with the magic hands.
Pak Harto works out of a Chinese temple here in Surabaya. So you’re watched over by all sorts of nasty-looking beasties.
I went down to Jalan Cokroaminoto and put my feet into his hands, Yuck. “Owww,F…..! F…..!.” Then the pain was gone.
I was sweating like a pig but the tightness in my lower back and the dull ache in my shoulder were gone.
I went back a second time. Took a handkerchief. A muffled series of obscenities followed, and then – relief.
Do it. Scream and get better.

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Africa: Winning Big

June 20th, 2014

Africa, a continent awash in ecological and biological treasures and a wealth of hitherto untapped talent; you might think that such a place wouldn’t possess a shred of casino culture, but you’d be very wrong. African casinos do exist, and there are plenty of pleasures for gambling aficionados to experience across the entire breadth of the continent. Here’s an insight into Africa’s fledgling casino industry and the little known wonders within.

Firstly, you must understand that casinos are a relatively recent phenomenon in Africa and as a result the legal status of casinos and gambling is only just progressing out of the repressive and backward form of the past. Take South Africa, for example. If you were to have tried to set up or even participate in anything casino related as recently as 1994, one would be confronted with a lengthy prison sentence. Since the introduction of the 1996 and 2004 National Gambling Acts however, everyone can now wager to their hearts content, enjoying the thrills and excitement that millions regularly experience across the globe.

Despite this development though, online gambling is still illegal; try and log on to a site such as Gaming Club and you might find yourself on rather thin ice! Such a story is common across swathes of Africa, so be careful before you book and always do the research!

Now we’ve got the boring legals out of the way, where can you visit that’ll allow you to get the most out of your African gambling vacation? Try out the Elephant Hills Resort in Zimbabwe; perched high above the impressive Victoria Falls looking down upon the upper Zambezi River, Elephant Hills boasts a dearth of facilities. Golf, wildlife tours, entertainment and, of course, a casino are all open to guests, and for quieter moments the Falls are only 4km away!

Is Zimbabwe not your cup of tea? Head over to Cameroon and stay at the Le Meridien hotel. Located in Cameroon’s largest city and cultural melting pot, Douala, Le Meridien exudes class and tranquillity in the centre of this bustling city and with a pool, excellent restaurant facilities and a hotel casino, there’s no better place to visit.

If you’re visiting a more northerly African clime, then Marrakech’s Hotel Es Saadi Palace and Villas is the place to stay. Visit Morocco in true style at this highly regarded destination, founded in 1952, sampling some cocktails at the Casino Terrace or exploring Moroccan flavours at the Epicurien restaurant, before trying your luck on the slots, tables and wheels at the Casino De Marrakech, located adjacent to the Hotel itself.

Finally, we have the Sun City Resort, one of South Africa’s most highly regarded casinos, known throughout the world. Alongside safari tours, adventure sports, golfing, and many excellent restaurants, you can visit one of the largest casinos in Africa (boasting 38 tables), a true gem in the South African crown!

In collaboration with Alex Saunders

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Fanbox: Best to avoid

May 29th, 2014

Started an account with Fanbox. Initially I was enthusiastic. I was warned and cautioned.

I pressed on. I was wrong.
Please do not waste your time and money on this.

I was hoping to make a bit of money, save a bit as well as offset  expenses. Fanbox proved to be a drain on our bank account. To make matters worse there were the constant reassurances of a mentor/teacher who insisted that all I had to do was follow the plan that they had laid out. I followed … right down the garden path.

Thankfully our losses were relatively minor. I hope I can save others the pain, annoyance and embarrassment.  Steer clear of Fanbox and anything to do with SMS.AC.Inc.

It will be the smartest thing you never did.

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InterNations Surabaya Japanese Food and Go-Karting

May 11th, 2014

A group of nearly 20 brave souls to to the GoKart track for a furious (if not too fast) few laps. Then we enjoyed a delicious meal at Hanashobu Japanese restaurant. Following a hearty meal we returned to the track and the racing continued. Thanks to everyone who joined us.

Saturday, April 26th from 5 to 10pm
for a few laps around the Go-kart track. There is also a
Sedgway track for the young ones or those opposed to fiery
crashes. Afterwards, we moved to HANASHOBU
for Japanese food and a drink or two.

Grand City Surabaya
Jl. Gubeng Pojok
Where Gubeng Pojok and Kusuma Bangsa cross
31000 Surabaya

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Inter Nations Surabaya: April Gathering at Kirkos

May 11th, 2014

A group of locals and Ex-pats joined us on Saturday, April 12th from 7 to 10pm for a
night out at Kirkos in Ciputra World for our April Event.
We celebrated spring with delicious drinks and snacks.

Kirkos! Wine Bar
Bar & Grill Mayjen Sungkono 73, Floor 4
Surabaya, Indonesia
+62 31 51200051

Inter Nations April Gathering at Kirkos

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