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Friday, April 7th, 2017

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Graeme’s Homemade Breads

Sunday, October 12th, 2014

Graeme’s Homemade Breads and Dips (2014)

Tel: 081 332 453 346

How to order:

Below are the breads I’m baking at the moment. They are personally baked to order on the day of pick-up. I need one day’s notice before you need them. Breads are not available for pick-up before 12 noon. Please order via the number above so I can get in touch with you directly.

I can’t do delivery, so you need to pick-up from my address in West Surabaya, 5 minutes east of Papaya Supermarket. Please pay in exact cash at the time of pickup.

Address supplied when you order.

About the breads:

I use the best flours I can obtain in Surabaya. The whole wheat and chickpea flours are stone-milled.

I know these breads are not cheap, but the ingredients aren’t either and my profit margin is tiny given the time involved to make these especially for you. These breads are at least double the weight of other breads baked in Surabaya.

As these breads are handmade they may show small variations in appearance, size, colour and shape in each batch, but all have roughly the same weight for their type.

The breads contain only 5 ingredients at most: flour, yeast, extra virgin olive oil, sea salt and mineral water (other than for the breads that contain added seeds or grains). Nothing else added!

  • No additives
  • No preservatives
  • No improvers
  • No trans-fats
  • Homemade sourdough starters where used
  • Hand shaped

In the seeded breads I use caraway, corn meal, flax, onion seed, oat, poppy, sesame and sunflower. Other seeds may be available.

Bread life and storage

Crusty loaves are best stored in a paper bag and eaten fresh on the day they are baked. Other breads should be stored at cool room temperature in a plastic bag, bread bag, or well ventilated bread bin, to prevent the bread from drying out.

In our hot and humid weather, you may need to store bread in the fridge, tightly wrapped, if your house is not air-conditioned.

They freeze well for up to one month.

Reviving bread

To revive the crust on bread, place in a moderately hot oven on a rack. On a second
rack below, place a dish of water. This will gently warm the bread and make the
crust lovely and crunchy again.


The suitable ones make excellent toast or bruschetta.

The photos below are of the actual breads I have baked.

  • Beer Bread (whole wheat flour, stout or pilsner) Rp70,000

  • Doris Grant Seeded Loaf 1 kg (whole wheat flour, sesame, poppy, flax, oats,sunflower) Rp70,000

  • Irish Soda Bread (bread flour, baking soda) Rp50,000

  • Moroccan Khobz (whole wheat flour, coarse semolina) Rp60,000 ea.
  • White Boule (bread flour) Rp60,000
  • Whole Wheat (whole wheat flour, corn dusting) Rp70,000

  • Whole Wheat Chickpea (whole wheat flour, chick pea flour, corn dusting) Rp70,000
  • Whole Wheat Seed Dome (whole wheat flour, seeds) Rp70,000
  • Focaccia (bread flour, olive oil, rosemary) Rp70,000
  • Long Ferment (bread flour, olive oil) Rp70,000 (Requires 2 days’ notice.)
  • Small Pita (bread flour, olive oil) Rp70,000 for 8 pieces

  • Ciabatta Bread (bread flour) Rp70,000

Graeme’s Dips

for vegetables or chips

These authentic home-made dips make great party food. They keep well for a week in the fridge.

Zaalouk is Moroccan, made from grilled eggplants, tomatoes, garlic, lemon juice and spices. Rp60,000 for 500 gm tub.

Hummus from the Middle East is made from chickpeas, tahini sesame seed paste, garlic, lemon juice, salt and pepper. Rp60,000 for 500 gm tub.

Baba Ghanoush from the Middle East is made from grilled eggplants, tahini sesame seed paste, garlic, lemon juice and cumin. Rp60,000 for 500 gm tub.

Please order at least a day before.

I hope you will give my breads and dips a try and I appreciate helpful feedback!

Graeme’s Homemade Breads – 2014