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A day and a night

Thursday, May 26th, 2005

A typical day off spent with family,and a night spent walking with my wife
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Just returned

Saturday, February 26th, 2005

After the Winter Course 2005

We’d just finished winter course and had some travel arranged … we took off for Hainan.
Hainan is in the south of China. Actually a tropical island.
We spent our time in Sanya, Xinlong and Haiko
A few of us even managed to scuba dive
I did well until I came to the edge of the reef and was staring into the abyss
As a place to vacation
It’s warm. It’s beautiful and it was relaxing.
It’s also very inexpensive
It was the first time for our little boy,Wyatt, to play in the sand.
At first he cried and then he did not want to leave.
I think most of our teachers and staff felt the same way.
Jiji really loved playing in the ocean. She was always surrounded by adults
The island is beautiful. At least three times a day someone suggested that we open a school and stay in Sanya.
Today we’ll return to the office.
We are now in Hunan Province
The city,Changsha, is bigger than Surabaya but has
less visible nightlife. I suspect there’s a whole lot
of  nightlife,but haven’t ventured out
As you may know,Emily and I have a son now
Wyatt was born on March 29th,here in Changsha
Jiji is attending a kindergarten here and her Chinese
is very good now
Grace studied Chinese the year before and is now working at EF as an assistant
We returned. It wasn’t too painful.
This trip might have been the reason we decided to return to Indonesia and open our TEFL certification course.

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