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TEFL Training in Surabaya

Tuesday, October 24th, 2006

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TEFL Training in Surabaya

It began in 2007.
We’ve been working with TEFL International to maintain a training center in Surabaya. Our first trainees were a mix of foreign and local students.
It’s a pattern that has repeated though each course that followed. We train local(Indonesian) teachers and foreign teachers.

Why am I cold in the tropics?

Wednesday, October 4th, 2006

Why is it so darn cold?
I’m sitting here typing and I’m freezing. It should be comfortably cold, as we do have AC in the office. In fact, it damn cold.
The office is at a large English school in the heart of Surabaya. As I’ve mentioned elsewhere,Surabaya is Indonesia’s second largest city. Outside it’s hot. People are anxiously awaiting the beginning of the rainy season. Not because they like the rain, or the flooding that occurs due to the rain ..but because the rain cools things down. Cool is good, but freezing is a bit much.
I’m trying to keep my cool at work. I’m teaching too many kids’ classes right now. Kids are great,but not when you teach nothing but kids. It takes more to plan and a lot more patience and control in the classroom. Hopefully things will settle down after Ramadan.
Coming soon we have a week-long holiday. Idul Fitri is an important Muslim holiday that occurs at the end of Ramadan.
It’ll give me time to spend with family. Hopefully I’ll be more relaxed and patient than I have been during the last month.