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A boy, a dog and a tomato

We went shopping today
Robert had a great need to see the traditional market and I had a great need to test-drive the new camera
Wyatt had other needs …

Emily coaxed me into joining her at the market
I had prepared to veg on my sole day off this week
Then Robert called and asked if he could join us at the market.
We said,”Sure!” Or words to that effect.
We waited for a little bit and then Robert appeared.
Wyatt, Wayne, Emily and Robert left for the market.
I’m there …behind the camera
It was an overcast, mild day and although rain was hinted at by the gray skies, it never appeared.
We arrived at the market. Emily began to show Robert where things were, and presumably how to buy from the various stalls.

Everybody was Kung Fu Shopping

Wyatt and I took off in search of puppies and photo opportunities.
A place to shop

If it’s green it’s good, eh?

I don’t know,but I’ll take two

Colours are good too

Fear not, the puppies were the cuddly, but scruffy kind. Not the stir-fried kind.

… a photo op and a fashion statement

The grab

The Boy and his Tomato

The ‘I have a Tomato’ Dance

A good way to spend a bit of time.
Wyatt enjoyed himself.
Robert seemed happy.
Emily was smiling.
I took some shots.
None of the shoppers were harmed during the making of this Blog.

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