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Scorpions, sea horses, silkworms!

Bizarre delicacies – Oh how I love thee! Literally. My eyes light up each time I come close to sampling such dishes. Tarantulas in Cambodia, crickets & worms in Thailand, balut (duck embryo) in the Philippines, you name it, I’ll probably eat it. Here’s a small insight of things delicious to the Chinese and, well interesting to Americans…

Fried insects, aquatic creatures (poor sea horses) -Beijing


Oh the choices! I passed on the cute sea horses and went straight for the daunting scorpions. How did it taste? Quite nice – just like chicken, but what doesn’t, right? Cambodian tarantula -like chicken! Thai Crickets & Worms -like chicken! Filipino Balut – like chicken!

Chinese Silkworms – like salted chicken! My favorite Chinese dish so far… tasty little things! -Dalian


For the record, these delicacies come from the southern part of China, so not all Chinese eat this.

In nearly every country, there are various delicacies, that may seem unusual for many but all the norm for its local people. We do eat snails, frog legs and snakes back home, so how bad can a scorpion be?

When in Rome….  it’ll only makes your adventure/experience all the better 🙂 

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2 responses to “Scorpions, sea horses, silkworms!”

  1. SAMMY says:

    Damn if they really taste like chicken, that shouldn’t be a problem for me. But then again I really don’t think I could eat any of them. They look to real. Well enjoy…..

  2. Allen says:

    Hey very nice blog!!

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