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Mount Huangshan

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

Of all the prominent mountains in China, Mt. Huangshan (Yellow Mtn), found in the south of Anhui province, is probably the most famous.


Huangshan consists of 80+ peaks, with a few over 1600 meters! It’s famed for its stunning sunrise and “sea of clouds”, so an overnight on the mountain is a must. There are loads of hotels at the top, so lodging shouldn’t be a problem. You can also camp out if you wanted to. I booked a hostel bed w/ no shower for 50RMB ($7)


It takes about 6.5 hrs to make it up to the top of the mountain. My friend and I were pretty determined to catch the sunset from up top, and with our late start in the day, we needed to hustle! Mind you, just like most mountains in China, if not all, you have to trek up steep concrete stairs! I can’t stand concrete steps on a mountain. I find it annoying. Just saying. Though, i have to say the vast view of the scenery while trekking up makes up for it!

What i do find amazing is the construction of these steps. With Huangshan, being one of their largest mtn ranges, (check out the pic below) these concrete staircases/walkways are built attached to the cliff-sides. crazy! Anyway, we made it to the top in record time! We did it in 5 hrs! Yes, 5! My legs were just about ready to fall off! (oh the crazy things i do for a sunset/sunrise).


Unfortunately, we weren’t able to witness the “sea of clouds” rolling in. They say Its best to go during the winter if you want to catch em’. Nonetheless, the sunrise was spectacular.