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Home Sweet Home

Sunday, November 23rd, 2008

I was awaken this morning not by a rooster crowing at dawn or the sounds of the roaring engines of tuk tuk drivers but by my adorable 4 year old nephew jumping on my bed. That’s when it hit me – I’m not in Asia anymore, I’m home. 🙂 Home sweet home – it’s always a great feeling knowing you’re on a plane bound for home.

My three months of traveling SE Asia has come and gone. No more asking or answering the ultimate traveler question: “Where are you from?” 

On the road, I had my share of grungy hostels/guesthouses, tourist traps, being robbed, scary cab rides, etc… but they all come with traveling right?! (especially being a newbie). But then you have all your amazing unforgettable moments –  trekking in Indo, snorkeling in Thailand, caving in Malaysia, walking in the rain in Cambodia, getting lost in Hong Kong – all wonderful experiences! To come from reading about the world and hearing about it from others, to finally stepping foot in those countries, my fascination for the people, culture, language and food grew immensely! It’s such an undescribable feeling! It really is. I can blog about it and post up photos but the feeling of being there is something else. I wish everybody had the opportunity or guts to come and experience and see how it is to live on the other side of the world. To have traveled in some of the poorest countries was an eye opener for me, it has changed me completely. We all have it so easy back home and we don’t realize it.

The world is a big place filled with many beautiful places and I couldn’t see enough with the two weeks vacation I got when I had a job – so I took three months to travel… but now I’m thinking maybe a bit longer for the next one. My passion and desire to travel is an addiction that will be hard to kick! As I was traveling Asia – I was already thinking about what continent I wanted to travel to next. So I’ve concluded, I am an addict and I don’t think I’ll be planning to settle down in one place any time soon lol. I hope to be on the road again in 12 months time – I’m crossing my fingers 🙂

Thank You’s

I’ve met some of the kindest, open minded and adoring people on the road and I was fortunate enough to have gotten to know some of them. So to my fellow travelers – thank you for the company, stories, advice and laughs.

Thanks to all for reading and commenting my blog.

To my fam Mom, Dad, Sam, Iris, Sheila, Trace, Jill – thanks for everything! Your love and support has been endless! Oh and the money you gave me at the airport came in handy. It got me out of some sticky situations (ie…immigration, arriving to a country forgetting to notify my bank, pay offs, etc….) lol

To Josh – you know this trip wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for you. You inspired me to go after my desire to see the world and now look I’m hooked, it’s entirely your fault. I love you and thank you – I owe you big! 🙂

Interesting Note: I bumped into seven Americans on the road and they along with other travelers said the same thing: Only 10-15% of Americans travel outside of the US, which is a shame because they don’t know what they’re missing. There are more wonderful things to see outside the US!

The count down begins…

Monday, November 17th, 2008

Since leaving Melaka a few days ago I’ve noticed my bites have increased dramatically. My whole body is covered from my neck down to my toes. Easily 50+ bites – its pretty gnarly! I’m itching like crazy and I don’t think the tiger balm that I’m using is helping with the itch. I bumped into my friend Romano, the italian-american suave from Miami, who i met when i first arrived in KL two weeks ago and he recommended using cologne/perfume to ease the itch. So I sprayed some of his aqua di gio cologne all over my skin – and he was damn right. It worked like a charm almost instantly! For once I didn’t have the urge to rake my skin with my nails. Last day in KL, Romano and I met a spunky Vietnamese girl from Canada. Nhi, a very fun free-spirited gal with a strong determination to find her future dreamy Australian boyfriend (sorry Nhi, i just had to put that in – lol). She along with most of the travelers I’ve met will move to OZ to live after traveling Asia. The saying is once you get to OZ you will never want to leave!

Anyway, I’m back in Hong Kong for two nights to catch my flight back to the US of A. The officer at immigration looked at me and my passport double time and chuckled saying that my passport picture didn’t look like me at all. I said “Yes, I get that all the time. It’s an old picture.” Come on’ it’s like a 9 yr old photo taken back in my rebel days in high school. You know those crazy kids who walked around school with big baggy pants who dyed their hair with all sorts of color — yep that was me! I was rockin’ my pink/blonde bangs in my photo lol 🙂 (And my answer is yes, to all of you that are just dying to see this passport picture).

Checked in at the same guesthouse in Kowloon – surprisingly they called me by my first name and welcomed me back and then gave me a discount on my room. Sweet!

Oh man, 48 hours to go…The count down begins…

Attack of the killer bedbugs

Friday, November 14th, 2008

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Thursday, November 13th, 2008
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Tea Plantation – Cameron Highlands

Tuesday, November 11th, 2008

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Taman Negara

Tuesday, November 11th, 2008
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Kuala Lumpur

Thursday, November 6th, 2008
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Lantau Island

Wednesday, November 5th, 2008
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Big City, Small Girl

Sunday, November 2nd, 2008
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