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Attack of the killer bedbugs

So I woke up this morning covered in bug bites – 18 plus bites and still counting…Argh! I think I rather take on the mosquitoes because these bedbugs bite and feed on you like there’s no tomorrow…seriously –  and they are outrageously itchy! They bite not once not twice but several times in the same area. Even with loads of bug repellant on those damn critters still go at it…chomp chomp chomp 🙁 I guess this is what I get for staying in cheap dormitories. 

At last, did my laundry back in the Highlands so I finally got to put on some clean clothes!! Yay! lol…Threw the clothes I was wearing this morning into a plastic bag just incase some of the bedbugs decided they wanted to stick around. Anyway, so I spent a few days in Georgetown (Penang) and now I’m currently in Melaka.  Both places are beautiful – tons of unique colonial architecture through out both cities etching them UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Both Georgetown and Melaka are pretty small cities so you definitely can walk or bicycle through the entire town center. Being in Asia for months now, I still get confuse on the roads. Just today on a bike, I found myself chanting  “keep left, keep left”….lol – I won’t be surprise if I get back to California and start driving on the other side 🙂 but yea that wouldn’t be good.

Birthday shout out to my good friend Jillann Malabanan. Sorry, I just had to put your full name…couldn’t resist lol 🙂  I’m sure you’re having a blast without me… Love ya and see you soon.


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