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riding high on a jeepney!

Jeepneys. These decorated, peerless things are everywhere! I wish I had a picture of a really decked out one.; chrome wheels, a colorful mural tagged around the entire jeep! I’ve never seen anything like it. Jeepneys offer one of the cheapest ways of getting around in the Philippines. Majority of them, if not all, have zero a/c and are constantly packed with passengers, especially in big cities like Manila. And when night hits, some Jeepneys crank up their music and break out in colorful neon lights!

This “overloaded” jeepney picture was taken in Puerto Princesa, Palawan (an island south of Manila). Usually, in the countryside or islands, jeepneys are packed with all kinds of stuff: leaves, food, gasoline, textiles, live chickens!! Basically anything they can pack in they’ll take, which are all eventually delivered while en-route.


As soon as all the stuff was unloaded, the guys and I jumped up top and rode the rest of the way on the roof of the jeepney. (Puerto Princesa to Sabang, 3 hrs, of course depending on the amount of loading and unloading happening along the way). A great way to see the island, that’s for sure!! Just remember to hold on tight and watch out for those overhanging tree limbs.


Riding high in Manila? You can forget about it.

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