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  • sdizon wrote a new blog post: Japan in photos   12 years, 8 months ago · View

    Two weeks of Japan awesomeness with the fambam.

    I love Japan like I love California burritos.

    Amazing country.

    I’m not a city gal, but I’m pretty sure I can live in Tokyo! 🙂

  • sdizon wrote a new blog post: it’s time…   13 years ago · View

    Dad: “So when are you going back to California?” Me: “Uh, Dad I’m not sure, sometime this year, maybe Dec” Dad: “Maybe? It’s been how long now…? When are you gonna stop gallivanting around?” Me: (long pause) I don’t know, Dad…..Uh, I gotta run. Love you, bye!” Gotta love my conversations with my Dad. Every single one this year always ended with him […]

  • sdizon wrote a new blog post: Vietnam in photos   13 years ago · View

    Two weeks in this beautiful country.
    I left wanting more.
    See you again soon, Vietnam.

  • sdizon wrote a new blog post: Hello from Hanoi!   13 years, 1 month ago · View

    Wow. I’m in Vietnam… after a year of talking about this country – I’m finally here. Despite being up for 24 hrs the night before, I couldn’t sleep last night. I was restless. I had the “im-too-excited-to-sleep-cause-i’m-going-to-disneyland” feeling. I get this feeling every time I’m in a new country. I love it. I got in late last […]