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Chinese cupping

Thursday, November 19th, 2009

I am now a proud owner of 15 circular hickeys, I mean bruises 🙂

Chinese Cupping is an ancient practice use to treat and heal colds, back pains, knotted and strain muscles and generally drawing out the toxins in our blood. So here’s how it works – heat is trapped in a glass cup and then placed on your back. The heated cups suck up your skin, which is supposedly sucking out the toxins. For me, it felt like I had a massive vacuum on my back attempting to suck the life out of me! The procedure isn’t painful at all. Relax is key. The tenser you are the more the cups pull at your skin. It didn’t help that my friend who was with me, was cracking jokes. Every time I chuckled, the fifteen cups on my back clanked with me, which made it uncomfortable.

After ten minutes, the cups were off my back, and there I was branded with 15 circles. (Mom don’t freak out – I’m ok) They say the darker the circles are – indicates the amount of toxins in your blood.

A true healing power? Possibly. I did sleep like a baby the following day.