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Kuala Lumpur

Ok so I landed in KL, went straight for the ATM machine and freaked out because I couldn’t withdraw any money! I forgot to inform my bank that I was heading to Malaysia! (it was a last minute add on to my itinerary). Luckily, I had some dollars left from Cambodia, which gave me two days in KL while I sorted out everything with my bank. Pheww! 🙂 Anyway, been here for three days now – got me a room in Chinatown at RM30 ($8) a night. I did all the main tourist sites around KL – The Petronas Towers (quite impressive – a must see when in visitng KL), The KL Tower (here you can get the highest view of the city) Little India, and the bustling night market in Chinatown (Good shopping here – I’m tempted to put my bargaining skills to the test….I’m definitley getting better at it!)

Petronas Towers

KL’s Communties consist of Indian, Chinese and Malay – so you can imagine the variety of culture and food. Had my share of all – delicious! My preferred choice: Malay food. One of my favs – Nasi Lemak (rice boiled in coconut milk). I had mine served with a chilli shrimp paste, with a few sticks of chicken satay – yum! I love the chili shrimp paste – good stuff! (It’s definitely an acquired taste though). Oh and the alcohol aint cheap here, Malaysia being predominantly Muslim, I found myself paying 8 ringgits ($2.50) a beer.

Nasi Lemak

Anyway, I’m pretty much done here in KL – today I’m making my way north to Taman Negara, Malaysia’s greatest national park. I’m looking forward to trekking through and exploring the world’s oldest jungle!! Dating back 130 million years ago…


3 responses to “Kuala Lumpur”

  1. China-Matt says:

    I didn’t like Chinatown in KL–reminded me of all the shopping centers here in Shenzhen that I hate going to. I walked through one of the street markets as quickly as possible (it was difficult because it was a long street).

    Wish I had made it out to Taman Negara, but my parents weren’t quite up for that adventure. Maybe I’ll get there next time.

  2. Jessica says:

    Hey Cousin! I’ve been trying to keep up with your blogs, all the pictures are amazing!! I hope you are having the time of your life! Enjoy your travels and I’ll see you when you get back, take care and love ya!

  3. kennhyn says:

    beer here is sure expensive, but we actually rank top 15 in alcohol consumption….haha…glad u like malaysia…cheers!!!

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