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Tea Plantation – Cameron Highlands

So I’ve had a pair of jeans in my backpack that never really came in handy on this trip of mine – until now!!! It’s freezing here in Tanah Rata! I should of expected it being up in the mountains and all. I’m sure glad I decided not to get rid of them back in Bangkok.

Anyway, it is beautiful up here. Cameron Higlands is especially known for their vast areas of tea plantations – Home of the BOH Tea, leading tea producer in Malaysia. The tea are grown and packed here in the Highlands. If you’re a big tea drinker you would love this place!

Making your way to the plantation, the scenery is lovely – tons and tons of green, perfectly aligned rows of tea plants! The girls and I walked our way down to the plantation (1.5 hour walk) and took in the breathtaking scenery.

cimg6619.JPG   cimg6625.JPG   cimg6631.JPG   

After enjoying a cup of tea we started our way back up the mountain. We were half way up when it started to rain – so we tried to hitch hike our way back to the town – and after 20 minutes of trying… finally a local stopped and we hopped in the back of his truck. Terima Kasih!

A tray of plates drying out on top of a tea plant 🙂 Thought this photo was awesome…




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  1. Jill says:

    THATS A HUUUGE FLOWER!! lol… 6 more days sop! cant wait for you to get back! ill be waiting for u in SD!!!! Hope Malaysia is treating you good!

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