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Biggest purchase thus far

With the help of a friend (Thanks Echo!) I was able to find a decent gym conveniently located a minute walk (literally) from my building. So no more “it’s too far, I’m too lazy to drive” excuses for me. Surprisingly, it cost me Y2,600 for a one-year membership. That’s about $375! Back home, I was paying half the cost at 24 Fitness! Why it cost more in China? I have no frickin’ clue. And Y2,600 is towards the cheap end of the stick. Other gyms here can run up to Y3,800. You can bet your ass off that I’ll be dragging my butt to the gym making my moneys worth. As a matter of fact, I’ll probably be going right after I write this blog!

I’ve had a busy busy week. So busy I haven’t had the time to write. Plus, I had minimal access to the Internet so that didn’t help. After a wearisome two weeks of trying to get the Internet set up at home – it finally got done this morning! Thank goodness!

Anyway, so in addition to my students, I’ll be teaching adults as well. I started my first class last Friday. All the adults are women in their forties. Some of them even have their kids enrolled at the school. In spite of knowing that a few of the adults in my class are the proud parents of some of my students (oh the pressure), I felt pretty lax. I found the class to be more conversational in comparison to my other classes. To add to my work schedule, I started tutoring on the side. And in two weeks I plan on enrolling for some Chinese lessons.

Yep, I’m sensing a hectic schedule in my future. No worries though, because then I can 86 “Tiem bu dong”(I don’t know any Chinese) from my vocabulary.


2 responses to “Biggest purchase thus far”

  1. ching says:

    Hi Luv,

    wow ur schedule is packed full! hope you get at least the weekends off to venture around 😉

    <3 Ching
    PS. it’s “ting” not “tiem” … well it is at least in putong Chinese (basic mandarin) unless you’re now picking up Qingdao’s dialect, which would be really cool 😀

  2. Sophia says:

    Hey Ching, I work on weekends 🙁 But this weekend is a holiday so I have off yay! Heading over to Bingyu Valley for some hiking.. I need to get out of the city! As you can see my mandarin needs work…lol Thanks for the correction- I knew I can count on you 🙂

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