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Got China Milk?

I’m not a milk drinker at all. Sure I’ll have it with my cereal/oatmeal in the morning but besides that you wouldn’t catch me with a glass of milk, not even with cookies.  So there I was at the dairy aisle at the supermarket browsing around for some cheese. You wouldn’t believe the price you have to pay for decent cheese here. I went all cheapskates and settled for the cheapest block on the shelf, which I definitely wouldn’t buy again because it tasted nothing like cheese. But anyway, so back to the milk topic… A month in China and not once did I have a bowl of cereal/oatmeal, which meant one thing. I’ve neglected my body of its daily calcium. (Don’t worry mom, I’m still taking my multivitamins and I have my occasional yogurt here and there so I’m not completely lacking my Vitamin D). I stood there at the dairy aisle debating back and forth – milk or no milk? A flashback of the recent China milk scare last year wasn’t helping my situation at all. 

The next morning I had myself my first bowl of cereal and man oh man was it good. And I’m not talking about the cereal – it was the milk! I finished the carton that same day and found myself running to the supermarket every day after for more milk minus the cereal. I get up in the morning and instead of making coffee, (which is typically the first thing I do) I’m taking swigs out of the milk box! Dang, I think I drank more milk than water in the last week. The scary part of it all is when it came down to one evening at home when I paused and contemplated whether to grab my tsingtao beer in the fridge or the milk box right next to it. WTF? For the record, I went for the beer. I can’t explain it. I don’t know what it is. Can it be that because I deprived myself of milk for some time that it resulted in this weird craving? Or maybe…just maybe the milk in China is dosed with some special ingredient making it more flavorsome? Beats me lol Fortunately I’ve calmed down this slight bizarre addiction. If not, I would have easily gained a pound a week at my rate of consumption.  

Random topic? I know I know….  

Me jugging down milk – HA!! Who would of thunk? 

Anyway, Happy Birthday to my good friend Tracy Rebugio! I’m sure your weekend is going to be complete chaos!! I want to hear all about it – I’ll be there celebrating in spirit! I love you and be safe!


4 responses to “Got China Milk?”

  1. ching says:

    Hey Luv,

    … hmm chinese MILK tastes different, it’s sweeter and doesn’t the same aftertaste American milk has… I dunno.. maybe it also has MSG! lol! anyhoot u just reminded me that I LURV me some Chinese Suan Nai (Sour Milk AKA chinese yogurt, but is thick and drinkable) …. gah I”M DROOOOOOOOOOOOLING

    glad to hear ur doing great!
    <3 Qing

  2. jeff says:

    i can just see it now….”hi, my name is sophia, and i’m a milkaholic” hahahaha

  3. Sophia says:

    Ching, I love the drinkable yogurts!! Tasty and convenient!! Yep, the milk here is sweeter. It’s almost like heavy cream – seriously lol 🙂

    Jeff, if you taste the milk here you’d say the same – addicting I tell ya’

  4. Tracy says:

    Hiii Phea! Thanks for the birthday greet. I def had a great time.. wish you were here to share the craziness.. Dont worry I’ll email you the details.

    Miss you much..

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