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Lazy post, pics inside =)

Many Chinese spend their mornings playing cards or chess on a sidewalk. Every morning, I walk by this particular group. Sometimes I get lucky and catch some of them in an upset; which includes cussing out loudly at each other while slamming their cards on the cement lol, but of course it’s all in good fun. This morning was particularly different, hence the toilet, so I had to snap a photo 🙂
My usual breakfast: Shao Mei 3RMB (50 cents)
Chinese “takeaway” for small vendors (3RMB)
Zhongshan Square ~ a big circular park in the middle of downtown. It may not look like it, but it’s supposedly a popular hangout at night especially during the summer.
Sunset near Xinghai Park – they say it’s the biggest park in Asia. I have pictures of Xinghai Park but I’m holding off on them. Why? Because my camera sucks ass, especially at night!! So I’ll spare you all the crappy photos. Working on getting a DSLR…
Picture for the fam 🙂
3392350724_333e250bfb_m-1.jpgI apologize for the lazy post….. but pictures are always nice right? :)Yay for the Chinese holiday this weekend because I have off! It’s rare that I get weekends off so I’m definitely making good use of it. I’ll be heading over to Bingyu Valley, a three hour bus ride north, for the weekend for some hiking and nice scenery. Yahooo!

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  1. Sammy says:

    Cute students. So with the poster in the back, did you do that yourself, haha. Well China seems interesting, have you experienced the party seen yet? I know your really busy but once in a blue moon wouldn’t work.

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