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Qianshan National Park

Bingyu Valley was a no-go last weekend. Instead, the girls and I ended up hopping on a four hour train ride north to another city, Anshan, to visit the well-known Qianshan National Park -aka- “Thousand Lotus Flower Mountains”. This densely, wooded, mountainous park has a religious history dating back 1200 years.
What’s fascinating about this park are the Taoist and Buddhist monasteries, temples and nunneries scattered all over the park – hidden between mountains, some located on the mountain peaks.
My friends Emma and Eunice were troopers and kept at a good pace. Being that this was their first trek, they did alright. At the end of the day, I asked if they would ever do it again. They looked at me, and in unison, both said, no way! I’d have to pay Emma a million bucks and get Eunice, Sean Opry (no clue who he is, she mentioned he was a model) to get them to trek again 🙂 Obviously, I’m not of resource to give them any of that, so I suspect that I won’t be doing anymore treks with the girls in the future.

It was a short two day trip but nonetheless, a nice getaway from the city that’s for sure!

” I love China!!

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  1. Vinh says:


    I’m planning to visit Qian Shan. As the park is quite large and has many scenic area, do you have any suggestions on interesting spots to see? Is it possible to stay overnight in the park? I saw a few hotels on a map of Qian Shan, but I’m not sue if they’re actually in the park itself.


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