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new visa, new acoustic

A few days ago, a friend and I were at the Chinese visa office applying for an extension. From the visa experiences I’ve had in the past, walking in, I was already expecting a sit down with a not-so-pleasant person behind the counter. Surprisingly, the officer turned out to be a pretty cool, young dude and the processing of my app went through with no problems. Here’s the funny part…. just as we were about to leave, that same officer pulls my friend aside, numbers were exchange, and tonight we are all meeting up for dinner lol. His motive – to practice his English. A friend in the bureau = My visa worries are over! Hahaha I’m kidding. I’m kidding. 🙂

No bunnies and eggs for me this Easter. Instead I picked up a sweet guitar – with the help of friends and their bargaining skills of course. (Thanks Wayne and James). My acoustic friend cost me a 245 RMB ($35) ridiculously cheap. Hope everyone enjoyed their Easter weekend.

Mom, my minutes ran out- that would explain why we got cut off. I’ll call you again when I get another phone card. Hurry up and get Skype so we can video chat! Love you.

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