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Twilight fever in Dalian?

English books are hard to come by here in Dalian. Being that this city is home to a huge number of expats, I find that very surprising. According to my colleagues, there are a few bookstores that carry a small collection of English books, but if I wanted any of the latest releases I’d have to go get em’ in the bigger cities like Shanghai or Beijing. I finished the two books I brought with me last month and have been in search ever since. At this point I’d take anything. A colleague of mine lent me “The Sands of Time” by Sidney Sheldon (1990). An oldie but an enjoyable read.

Cynthia, one of the gals I tutor, offered me her “Twilight” book. Yes, you’re reading it correctly – Theeee Twilight! The vampire movie that all of America is currently going gaga’ for. Twilight international? I didn’t see that coming. The movie/book never really caught my interest but like I said, I’d take anything. I took the book home and ended up finishing it in five hours. And I have to admit – this damn vampire-romance novel got me hooked! Now I understand why American girls went crazy over the movie, the storyline is very romantic. Or was it because of the lead actor? Hmmm… Anyway, out of curiosity I’m thinking about grabbing me a bootleg copy of the movie. Of course it’ll probably be a disappointment (then again what book-turn-movie isn’t). Cynthia has the entire Stephenie Meyer collection so I’m currently on book two – New Moon. LOL. I’ll be sure to stock up on English books next time I’m in one of the major cities.

Birthday shout out to the big boss, Jason!! We all went out for dinner last night in celebration ~ German beer and chocolate cake, my kind of combination.

Note to self: Birthdays – keep cake away from Wayne 🙂

Wayne has a rap sheet of starting cake fights. I’m sensing that the cake fight between Wayne and Emma is far from over…..hahaha

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5 responses to “Twilight fever in Dalian?”

  1. Iris says:

    Glad you’re havin’ an awesome time there with friends and such. I couldn’t be more happier for you.

    As for the Twilight book, I can’t believe it took you only five hours to read! Wow. I can barely keep my eyes open by the time I reach page three. hahaha… Every now and then I try to pick up a novel to read before bed, but I’m so tired from work and the boys by that time. Oh gawsh, especially when Sammy is out at sea or something…I’ll entirely forget about that book.

    So FINALLY we meet on skype. Though the connection sucked a bit, it was soooo good to see you. Donovan still talked about it even the day after. And your place looks great too, by the way. haha thanks for the online tour.

    Alright girl, it’s late and I need to sleep before Seth wakes up. Take care! Love you.

  2. Gdizon says:

    Oh yes the TWILIGHT series very good books. I am glad to hear you’re doing great out there. Visa problems are gone since you met a friendly person in the office. LOL. Anyway keep up the good work my cousin. I miss you! Take care!

  3. iain00 says:

    impressive with the twighlight book buddy,Dalian is where im going in two weeks, im glad your enjoying it.

  4. JuLeS says:

    You should definitely watch the Twilight movie. I thought it wasn’t gonna be great, but the guy just really brings out the romantic character that all American girls love! Everyone is telling me to read the book too, because it’s just as great as the movie. Hope all is well and take care!

  5. Sophia says:

    Hey girls, it’s great hearing from you all! Love and miss you muchos!! xoxo

    Thanks iain00 – Dalian isn’t too shabby 🙂

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