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Riding luxury to Chiang Mai

I’m sitting at the bus station in Bangkok waiting for my bus to Chiang Mai. All locals here and no backpackers in sight. I was thinking “Shit! Was I sold the wrong bus ticket?” (I bought my ticket through a travel agency and of course they probably sold me the most expensive ticket, although I’m sure riding in an a/c bus is very nice but really not necessary for me with my budget).

So at the station was a line of regular a/c tour buses. I showed the train manager my ticket and he pointed at a bus that was just about to leave….I threw my backpack under the bus and jumped in. Just as we were leaving the station – It turns out that they double booked my seat and there were no more seats available. Fudge! I was cursing the travel agency in my head!

But all worked out in the end – the manager put me on a VIP double decker sleeper bus – fully loaded with a/c, two televisions, recliner seats, a restroom, pillow & blanket, food, drinks and a even a refreshing face towel in the morning. Sweet! The 10 hour ride to Chiang Mai was real nice…I slept like a baby. Now i just hope they screw up my return ticket back to Bangkok… lol just kidding πŸ™‚

I’ll be in Chiang Mai for a week – I’ll be doing some trekking/camping for the next 3 days – so I’m looking forward to that! Might also go further up north to Chiang Rai – but haven’t decided yet.

Shout out to Naoyaki from Tokyo, Japan – It was a pleasure talking to you. Thanks again for the beer and keeping me company for the 6 hours that I had to kill in Bangkok before my bus to Chiang Mai. Keep in touch!

Naoyaki was at the end of his 3 month travel – he spent a month in India, a month in Nepal and now Thailand. He spent $2500 total (that was including his air tickets). Very impressive my friend!


3 responses to “Riding luxury to Chiang Mai”

  1. Josh says:

    Make sure to take some thai cooking classes in Chang Mai. I think there known for that, so you can make me something scrumptious when you return…

  2. Sophia says:

    Me…cook you something? ha – if you’re lucky πŸ™‚ j/k

    I took a one day cooking class yesterday. It was awesome!

  3. SAMMY says:

    So I guess the bus ride was sweet, good shit. There you go again talking about going camping for 3 days in Thailand. I hope it’s camping with like a big group or something. Well have fun. The fam says hi, especially Donovan.

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