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Living off Mother Nature

One word to describe my 3 day trek – AWESOMENESS.

When your trek guide wips out a machete and starts making his own trails and calls it a “short cut” – then you know things are going to get interesting 🙂 lol

I was lucky enough to be doing the trek with 4 mates (Sylvain-France, Dan-UK and Reinhart & Floris-Belgium). The guys and I were shacked up in a hut for 2 nights and slept under mosquitoe nets – which was cool. We trekked through forested mountains, acres of rice fields, spent some time with a hill-tribe (Karen Village), bamboo rafted, experienced an elephant ride, snacked on bamboo worms and crickets, sipped on rice whiskey, ate off banana leaves, bathed in the river and listened to “jungle” music the whole time (provided by mother nature herself).

It was a nice getaway – I didn’t miss the world of technology at all.

I got back to Chiang Mai muddy, exhausted, scratched up and bruised but the whole experience was worth it. I got to know a little about the Karen people and their simple way of living and I also got to know 4 crazy guys who I know I will be friends with for a long time.

Hey fellas – I promise I’ll get a facebook account when I get back to the US or when I find time on the road. I will miss our crazy drinking games and late night talks 🙂 Cheers!



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  1. sammy says:

    Wow, now that sounds adventurous. I would of wanted to use the machete myself, Guam style, haha. I probably would of missed technology though. I don’t know about sleeping in a Hut. You know me, I need my AC. So were you a good girl while you were playing them drinking games, ahhh nevermind, don’t want to know…

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