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Master Chef Sophia!

That’s right folks. According to the Pad Thai Cookery School of Chiang Mai – I’m an official Master Chef of Thai food. Sweet!! lol…. ok maybe not but my “certificate” says otherwise 🙂

For all of you that know me – you’re probably thinking:

“What? Sophia in a kitchen?”

“Is she planning on wipping up some chicken noodle soup? Scrambled eggs, maybe?”

Ha ha..Very funny. Shall I give you all a moment to laugh? 10 seconds ok? Time starts now…….

So anyway, the class was easier than I thought. I was actually kicking ass! From the chopping to the grilling and I did quite well demonstrating the “fire in the wok” thingy. My favorite dish would have to be Khao Soi (Chiangmai curry noodles) – DELICIOUS! Khao Soi, originally from Burma consists of chopped beef or chicken served in a curry broth with egg wheat noodles, red onions, fresh lime, cabbage and chilli. Topped with fried noodles. For dessert, my fav would have to be the sticky black rice pudding. Thai party at my pad when I get back! All I need is a wok and a mortar and we’re in business!

My last night in Chiang Mai – I experienced being robbed for the first time. Well it was actually my friend Joao’s bag that was taken but I was with him so I felt his pain. We set off on a two seater bicycle to meet up w/ some friends for dinner and out of nowhere, two kids on a motorbike cuts us off and swipes Joao’s bag (that was sitting in the basket) and speds off. Luckily enough – none of Joao’s important docs were in there. It happened so fast that we didn’t get any license plate# and with all the motorbikes running in Chiang Mai – we declared the bag a goner.

I’m back in Bangkok now – I’ll be here for a day and then catch my next bus down South to the beaches. Awwww…. the beaches! I can’t wait. I’ll start off in Phuket.

A BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY going out to my BIG BRO SHYSAMMYD!! Wish I could be there with you to celebrate – but just know that I’ll be thinking about you! I love you and miss you dearly!!


2 responses to “Master Chef Sophia!”

  1. JuLeS says:

    Hahaha…you forgot that you’re the best rice cooker!! I’m guessing now you will always be holding onto your bag everywhere you go now. Also, glad you are doing okay and having so much fun. Wow, next month you will be back in the US. Can’t wait to hear your stories and for you to cook us some delicious food that you learned over there. Miss ya lots…take care!

  2. Sophia says:

    That’s right I almost forgot – I am the best rice cooker ever! lol – Good to hear from ya Jules – Miss you muchos!

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