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Lesson Learned

After an exhausting 16 hours on a bus – I’m finally in Phuket! (pronounced “Pooket”). I got in a few days ago. Took a taxi to my hotel, wipped out my wallet to pay the guy – and lo and behold my money was gone!! OMG! I was robbed 🙁 The funny part of it all is that I know exactly when and where it happened.  In my cheap grungy guesthouse in Bangkok which I booked for just one night at 160 THB ($5). I left my room for 10 mins to grab a shower down the hall and figured I didn’t need to lock my backpack. I was wrong – those sneaky room attendants!! Oh well, Lesson learned.

The bus ride to Phuket was hella long. The first 10 hrs was ok – there were only a few of us on the bus so we got to stretch our selves out on a few chairs. For the last leg of the trip, we all had to cram in a van for 6 hours. It was hot, stuffy and uncomfortable. Next time around, I’d cough up the extra dough for a plane ticket.

I was sharing the van with 6 Brits and an Irish couple. The Brits were talking about their night before in Bangkok – where they were doing “tequila suicides”….

Definition: A tequila suicide is when you “Snort the salt, down the shot, squeeze lime in your eye”

You’re probably thinking – WTF? Yep, I was thinking the same thing. That would explain their bloodshot eyes….

Everything in Phuket cost a bit more in comparison to Bangkok and Chiang Mai. I got a hotel for 650 THB a night. It’s definitely an upgrade from all the guesthouses/hostel I’ve been in that’s for sure. Phuket is gorgeous! Spent the last two days at the beach and met some travelers from Israel. Met up with them last night to take a stab at the Phuket nightlife. Those Israelis definitely know how to party!! Meeting up with them again tonight and then might do some island hopping together in the next couple of days…


3 responses to “Lesson Learned”

  1. Pablo says:

    Sup Master Chef! looks like your trip is moving along nicely! I’m back in Japan for the month and we’ve been to Korea and PI so far…but the big one is coming up this Sunday, we’ll be flying into Utapao, Thailand and spending 2-3 nights in Pattaya Beach. How far is that from Phucket? I think its a diff island, but not that far..not sure. But if you ever find your way on that part of the country, let me know…first 3 tequila suicides on me:) That is, if ya don’t mind partying w/ a bunch of NAVAL aviators, jk!

    I think you have access to my email, and i’ll let you know if there are any changes to dates..ok, have fun and make sure the Israelis teach you some Krav Maga in case someone decides to dig in your backpack again;)

  2. SAMMY says:

    Phoket..That’s exactly where I’m going. It’s really nice, thanks to the US Navy. Damn I’m excited, but then again I’m going to be away for 7 months, okay not good. The night life out there should be crazy. There’s also crazy ass shows they have out there. I’m pretty sure you’ll watch a couple. Well I’ll hit you later, you know me, really busy. Have funnnn

  3. Sophia says:

    Paul – I’ll be in Koh Phangan this Sunday and will stay for their infamous FULL MOON PARTY on the 14th! Try to make it out if you can – it’ll be nice to see a familiar face 🙂 Fastest way is to fly from Bangkok to Ko Samui (I think) and then take the boat to Ko Phangan. And no I don’t have your email address.

    Sam – Hey bro, miss you! You’re going away again? Phuket is very nice. I’m currently in Ko Phi Phi (another island 2 hrs by boat from Phuket) its gorgeous here!

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