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Koh Phi Phi

Koh Phi Phi is a 2 hour boat ride from Phuket. I did the trip with Einat and Yaron (met them in Phuket) and we decided to share a room together (with three beds of course). We got a guesthouse in the center right across an Irish Pub, which surprisingly was not that bad…. I slept just fine.

In 2004, Phi Phi was devastated by a tsunami where nearly all the infrastructure was demolished. Four years later, the island is still going through some redevelopment. Just a few blocks from our guesthouse there were two massive contruction sites…. Nevertheless, the town center is flowing with many tourist and the beaches are still beautiful.

We did some island hopping on a longtail boat – got to see Phi Phi Leh (famous from the movie “The Beach”), the monkey island, bamboo island and Maya Bay. We pretty much laid out on the beach and snorkled all day – the corals are beautiful and filled with amazing marine life (i should of bought an underwater camera).

cimg5247.JPG     cimg5195.JPG     cimg5202.JPG

Two days in Phi Phi, I’ve spent more money here than any where else in Thailand. You can’t really bargain on any merchandise and the internet is triple the price in comparison to Bangkok. But then again, I rather be here than crazy Bangkok any day. Tomorrow morning, I make my way to the southeast part of Thailand to Koh Phangan for more lounging and snorkeling. 

Another bday shout out to my big sis Susan! Hope you’re enjoying yourself on Guam – Wish I could be there to celebrate with ya! Miss and love you lots!


2 responses to “Koh Phi Phi”

  1. Marnie says:

    Hey Sophia,
    Just read some of your entries and all I can say is “WOW!” What an adventure. Girl, you are brave. It’s like I’m living the experience with you as you write about your tales. Well I look forward to reading more. Love the pics! Although that snake did give me the heebee jeebies. Stay safe!

    Love, Marnie 😉

  2. Pablo says:

    Sorry I couldn’t get back at you before I left Japan, we got to Utapao on Sunday and I have a flight to Kadena, Japan and back to Thailand tonite. I’ve heard of that Full Moon party, wish I could go..sounds like a crazy party. Too bad we couldn’t meet up, I was looking at a map and you’re on the other side of the country lol..Maybe if you were still in Bankok, you would be like an hour and a half bus ride from here. But your island hopping adventure sounds like alotta fun. So be safe and keep us posted!


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