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Eight weeks of traveling and I’m….

1) healthy and still going strong mom! No signs of a cold/flu… not even a slight case of the sniffles. I did have a bad sore throat but that lasted for only 3 days.

2) as tan as a penny.

3) the only person traveling (or on this planet) with out a facebook account. (I can’t stress that enough)

4) assuming I’m 2 kilos heavier (3 lbs. give and take) I just can’t stop eating ๐Ÿ™‚

5) developing a fondness for techno music because that’s what the discoteques/bars bump in Asia.

6) finishing up my sixth book “Backpack” by Emily Barr

7) still looked upon as a local which is nice (The thai owner of this internet cafe that im currently in writing this blog – started speaking to me in thai when I came in and right after that a foreigner came in and asked me if he can use the internet) ๐Ÿ™‚

8.) addicted to fruit shakes – my going rate is three a day.

9) still a main target for mosquitoes of SE Asia. Come on’ guys – give this girl a break!

10) still thinking of ways to extend my travels for a bit longer ๐Ÿ™‚ with my bday coming up in November and Christmas….perhaps it might be possible?


I’m currently in Koh Phangan- been here for 4 days now. It took a full day just to get here from Phuket but it was definitely worth it. I’m traveling with a few Kiwis I met back in Phuket (Kat, Tim and Garett) – we’ll be hitting the full moon party tonight with a few others.

Hope all is well back home.

Having a blast in Thailand,


2 responses to “Eight weeks of traveling and I’m….”

  1. Marcel says:

    good gorl…..that u wrote that u r fine coz me and jose bit worry about u as i wrote u an email but till now dont get ur reply yet as we heard in the news that thailand going to war with cambodia,and in bangkok very bad demonstration…..i think u should extend ur holiday and come back to bali and we should go to east bali as last week i went there with naomi and ibu ketut and stay overnight…..soo beautiful and nice place for diving and snorkling. Give me update about u girl!!!!!

  2. Sammy says:

    I agree with your friend Marcel, just head back to Bali, haha. Damn it seems like you’ve just left last week. Time flys huh. Well enjoy because when you get back, it’s back to reality. Well be easy and have fun….

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