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Full Moon Party – Koh Phangan

Picture this:

A beach, the full moon is out, house/techno music is bumpin’ at its highest and the beach is filled with thousands of people dressed in one of the following: 1) swim wear 2) costumes [yes there were a few] 3) glow in the dark paint

all holding buckets and that’s the Full Moon Party at Koh Phangan.

Being that it was low season, I’m guessing there was about 10,000 people on the beach that night. At high season you can expect 30+

We started the night off at Kat and Tims resort and then made our way down to the beach around 10:30ish. Started off with a vodka/redbull bucket but decided to stick to beer for the rest of the night because a few of those buckets and I’ll probably be on my way to drunkeness…The Kiwis and I were holding out till sunrise. Surprisingly I hung in there and stayed up for it – the sunrise was of course beautiful. I sat there on the beach and watched the sun rise as fast as it did. At the same time, I was trying to block out the music that was still bumpin’ in the backdrop. With morning out you can see the beach sand covered with glass bottles, buckets, cigarette butts, trash and passed out bodies. My heart and Thank You’s go out to the people who have to pick up after these drunks who were to lazy to toss their trash in a bin.

The gang and I were out of there by 6:30am and I was in bed by 7am. Overall, a very fun and memorable night. Partied with good people – definitely good times!

Kat – remember the talking frog in the bathroom? lol 🙂 I had a blast hanging out and getting to know you guys for a few days – Safe travels back to New Zealand and keep in touch.

Last day in Koh Phangan, a bunch of us got on motobikes and cruised around the island which was awesome minus all the potholes we had to dodge – it was a good end to a good trip. We all leave today and go our seperate ways – I’m catching a ferry and bus back to Bangkok in a few hours- it will be another overnight travel 🙁 Then I catch a bus from Bangkok to the Cambodian Border. Angkor Wat here I come!


3 responses to “Full Moon Party – Koh Phangan”

  1. Trace says:

    Hiiiiii Phea!!! How are things back there? Looks like your having a blast.. glad your enjoying your trip n please please do not- i repeat DO NOT extend your trip! Can’t wait till you get back so we can stay up all night n talk about your trip. Im sure you have lots and lots to tell us.. n so do we!

    Take care of yourself. Be safe. I miss you.

    Love you–

  2. chingYa says:

    hey luv! I turn my back on checking up every day -due to way to hectic schoolish- and I come back and you’ve already been gone for 2 months!!! anyhow, just wanted to give you some luv <3 Ching

  3. ~*~*Anna*~*~ says:

    Hi Sophia,

    That party sounds like a blast and then to top it off watching the sunrise?! Where do you even begin to know where to go?! I’ll be looking forward to reading about your trip to Cambodia soon. Take Care….mwah!

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