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Thailand – “Land of Smiles”

There were no smiles at the airport immigration when I arrived at 1am. Maybe it was because it was early in the morning and the immigration lines were crazy long or maybe the officers had to keep a straight face because it is immigration and in most countries that I’ve been to – all immigration officers carried a strict face.

But anyway, I’m in Bangkok! Yay! I got in early AM yesterday and was in my hotel at 2:30am sound asleep. It’s a 40 minute drive to the city from the Suvarnabhumi Airport . I got a hotel for 450 baht a night ($13 USD). Being the big eater that I am – as soon as I woke up I went straight for a food cart off the streets of the oh so famous “Khao San Rd” aka “backpackers lane” and got some pad thai for 20 baht (.50). I headed off to see the Grand Palace (a must see when visiting Bangkok) and asked a tuk tuk driver to take me there. He offered to take me to a few smaller temples and then to the Grand Palace and only charge me 10 baht – the catch was – I had to stop by two gem stores and look around but I didn’t have to buy. I agreed – the tuk tuk in return gets a gas coupon from the store. So it was a win win for the both of us. The Grand Palace definitely lives up to its name – the decor and design are pretty extravagant! The Emerald Buddha is the main attraction for all visitors. The Buddha is regarded as the Palladium of the Kingdom, so no one is allowed to take a photo.

Finished the day off with minced pork, egg, rice w/ a spicy fish sauce for dinner and sampled one the local beers (Chang) – tasty! I leave to Chiang Mai tomorrow evening. Chiang Mai is in Northern Thailand – it will be a 10 hour bus ride up. I’ll be there for about a week and then make my way back south.


2 responses to “Thailand – “Land of Smiles””

  1. natasha david says:

    wow…these adventures and experiences your having look awesome!!! i would effin love to do this someday…just on my own..exploring, trying new things and meetin ppl!! wow you are quite lucky and look like your are having a blast!!! good luck w/more of your travels!!! talk to you when you get back xoxo

  2. SAMMY says:

    HUSTLERS, their all over. But they got to do what they got to do. It’s cheap as hell anyway. I’ll try to remember the spots you’ve visited or are going to. I’ll try to see them next year on my little Westpac cruise. I don’t know about that 10 hour bus ride. It better be a pimped out bus. But your in Thailand so I’m thinking a old bus with no AC, hahah. Ahhh that would ruin yoru trip, haha. I’m playin, im pretty sure It will be somewhat nice. Well have fun and continue to be cautious and safe. Love and miss yah…

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