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Tenuous? I laugh at tenuous

I’m afraid it looks grim for our hero … the blender’s on puree

I have a lead on a job here,but it’s a fairly tenuous one. What the hey … most of my life is tenuous
By chance I ran into a teacher I first met almost nine years ago and had had sporadic contact with. He’s currently teaching for Sampeorna (a local Cigarette company recently bought by Philip Morris) … My moral qualms on this one are acute.

Emily and Wyatt are enjoying being surrounded by family
I’m enjoying being away from EF.
This new job seems promising … if only slightly less tenuous than the job in Zhuhai
Our situation thus far …
I was so beat when I sent off a group email yesterday
Didn’t realize I’d spelled exhausted wrong until I
opened my mail again. Guess I was … exhausted.
I ate my first Indonesian meal in quite some time
… traditional fried rice
and followed it with hot dogs the next day(sue me … I
missed them in China)
We went out for goat chowder last night and had frog
That’s what we’ve been up to

Have my computer up and running, but as we have no
internet yet I am in a Warnet(internet cafe) to send
mail and update this blog
All the best,Wayne,Emily and Wyatt

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