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September in Indonesia

September in Indonesia
Ramadan is almost upon us

A new contract starts
We’ve decided to stay in Surabaya for the next year.
I’m teaching at EF Surabaya and at a local school.
Plans are progressing to open a teacher training center here.

The school in Wenzhou will open,but it’s unlikely I’ll have much hand in it other than helping to recruit, and guiding the center and it’s offshoots.

Ramadan is the Muslim fasting month and it’s an important time here.
Things slow down a bit. Some nightlife will be curtailed. That’s not going to affect me much,but some teachers will certainly feel the pinch.
Perhaps they’ll save money?
Perhaps they’ll find other interests?

Sore throat
I was fighting a throat infection and the resulting laryngitis. It’s no fun teaching without a voice.


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