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Raison d’être to travel overseas

Top Ten reasons to TEFL

There are various reasons to leave home

We’ll try and focus on a few of the more positive motivations.

Money,adventure,love,experience,health and finally having some photos on Facebook that don’t have weird family members in them.

Money … Bwahaahahahahahahaha.
You’ll be able to live comfortably, but unless you’re in Saudi or the UAE this isn’t the career for aspiring millionaires.

Adventurous souls needed. Meet interesting people and teach them, or be taught by them. Volcanoes, temples, elephants, ancient cultures and amazing food await.

Love happens. You never know who you’ll meet out here.

Experience is the great educator. Whether you stay for a short time or a longer period, there are things you’ll see and do that you’d never know about back home.

Health. It’s amazing that some people sleep better, they eat better, and they’re generally more fitness-conscious when they live overseas. Not having the safety net of familiar and familial surroundings can be daunting at first. For some, it becomes a liberating experience.

Photos of cool places are that much cooler with you in them.

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