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Passages strange,inevitable and regrettable

It’s completely in your hands where you want to place the items in the brief list I’m about to share with you. Is it a strange, inevitable or regrettable event?

My holiday is coming to an end this week and it seemed that I should make an effort to put words to digital paper. Our holiday was largely unremarkable and for the most part,enjoyable. Wyatt graduated from Kindergarten and will move into the first grade. I will continue for a third year with Singapore National Academy. Tefl Indonesia continues as before, but is in need of agents in North America and Australia.

Heart-breaking news as Adrienne Colan passed away. Adrienne is the wife of Marvel/DC comics artist Gene Colan
I didn’t know Adrienne, nor do I know Gene. I’ve had the pleasure of following Gene’s work over the years and took a moment in 1999 to send a note of appreciation. Gene and Adrienne responded. The responses were usually short, but always thoughtful. Over the next few years I sent an occasional note and received an occasional reply.
For Adrienne … Go in peace.

This time of year also marks 12 months since my younger brother Troy passed away. Before this gets too morbid, we were traveling through Central Java, stopping in Solo and Jogjakarta, and I was thinking how much Troy would have enjoyed the place. I’m posting a few pictures over at another site. Stop by and take a look.

All the best,Wayne

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