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One more week and then exams

I’ve been here at the new school, Singapore National Academy, for a little less than two months.

Teachers come from Singapore,China,Britain,Australia,Indonesia and Canada. The curriculum is Singoporean. For the most part it works.

The students come from a rarified and isolated upper-middle class. Their parents want the best for them, but the need for high marks is often contrary to the need to realistically assess ability and direct energy. Students need to be more focused on skills development,not only on grade-attainment.

Things are not all bad.
In general the staff and teachers are easy to get along with and I like most of my students.
We’re just finishing the second term. One more week and then exams. My big concern is how well I’ve prepared my students. I’ve seen improvement in some, both academically and behavior-wise. It’ll be interesting to see how the year plays out.

Family is well.
All the best,Wayne,Emily and Wyatt

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  1. Dwiarta says:

    I agree with the skill-development part. Even if we excel at the tests and exams, we still don’t have the foundations of using the language effectively in the outside world.

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