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Madura … off to the races

We had this great idea to go to Madura. We compounded that with the idea of watching the Bull Races. Silly foreign folks.

Karapan Sapi is an annual event and brings a good crowd to Madura. If you like crowds,heat and large smelly animals then this event is tailor made for you.



Madura is an island near Surabaya. Once upon a time ago it was only reachable by ferry. Lo, they did construct a bridge. It’s a nice bridge.

Suramadu now spans the strait. Madura Strait is a stretch of water that separates the Indonesian islands of Java and Madura, in the province of East Java.

We gathered at the historic Majapahit hotel at 5:00am.

This was another activity for the brave and intrepid souls that make up the legions of Inter Nations. Inter Nations is an organization that tries to create activities so expats and locals can mingle.

A slow start

Cigarette promotion

Apaches in Indonesia?

It all worked out. Well worth the trip.

Madura also has a couple of nice beaches.

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