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From Chiang Mai to Surabaya

I returned from Thailand(via Singapore) on Friday night.
Flew back from Singapore on ValuAir. Good service and landed safe, if a little late.
I was traveling alone, and it’s always difficult being away from family.

I was in Thailand with TEFL International. We were training teachers for their TESOL (teaching English to speakers of other languages) Certificate. We were in the northern city of Chiangmai.
Chiangmai is an extremely green and beautiful city. The traffic is chaotic and never seems to let up.
The hotel was nice and the area around it had a number of good restaurants. I managed to try a number of ethnic dishes, as well as a wide-selection of international food.

I was surprised how good the Internet connection was in Thailand, and hope that the Indonesian system comes up to that level soon.

We’ve had our course in Surabaya running since 2008.

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TEFL Indonesia

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2 responses to “From Chiang Mai to Surabaya”

  1. graeme clark says:

    Hi…when will the tefl be opened in surabaya?
    Course dates?



  2. Wayne says:

    Dates for Tefl Indonesia Course

    Projected dates

    · Dates listed are for Training inputs only.
    · Trainees will also have two weeks of supervised teaching practice.
    · Class inputs will be two weeks followed by two weeks of intensive (observed and unobserved) teaching practice.

    Here’s our full schedule

    If you’re in Indonesia come right to the school
    Also indicate when you’ll be arriving so we can have accommodation prepared.
    Call +62 31 5669425
    Call or text +62 31 70391074

    Get certified and teach English

    Teach English and see the world

    Yours sincerely,Wayne Duplessis

    07 September – 02 October 2009
    05 October – 30 October 2009
    02 November – 27 November 2009
    30 November – 25 December 2009

    Calendar for year 2010
    1.January 4th to 29th
    2.February 1st to 26th
    3.March 1st to 26th
    4.April 5th to 30th
    5.May 3rd to 28th
    6.June 7th to July 2nd

    7.July 5th to 30th
    8.August 2nd to 27th
    9.September 6th to October 1st

    10.October 4th to 29th
    11.November 1st to 26th
    12.December 6th to 31th
    (Christmas break will be observed)

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