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I’ve been living and working in Asia for almost a decade.
Perhaps you’ll find some of the tales interesting.
Perhaps you’ll find some useful information.
Perhaps you can’t sleep.

I’ve been living in Asia for a bit, originally from Canada
I don’t consider myself an expat, just a Canadian living elsewhere.

We lived in China with our family. Our youngest son, Wyatt, was born while we were there. My wife Emily, our daughter Grace, our granddaughter Jiji and our son Wyatt. Our son Adryan is an English teacher who has taught in Indonesia and China.


We’ve lived and worked in South Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, and China. We’re now back in Indonesia.
We’re currently running A Tefl Course. We’re training others to join this crazy life.


Walking in Northern China.
A traditional market in Jinzhou, Liaoning Province

Teaching at Middle School 19 … outside of Jinzhou

Look for some flashbacks to let you know what happened in the formative years



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3 responses to “Bio”

  1. Chris says:

    Hey there,

    I love you guys!!!!!! Wyatt is good looking kid! Not too shabby Pak Wayne!!!!!!!!!! Emily looks great! And you have not aged at all brother!!!!!!!!

    Nice to see you guys together!!!!!!!!!


  2. Gilles says:

    Hi Wayne,

    There is a picture of your trip to Hainan in your blog the first one on this page. Can you plese let me know where exactly it is in Hainan ?

    Thank you

    Kind regards


  3. Wayne says:

    Hello Gilles

    It was actually taken by another teacher on the trip
    We were in Sanya and Haiko
    The best guess I have is that it was either a resort or hotel in Sanya
    It was in a group of pictures stores on our staff computer at the time, and I have no information on who took it, or when/where it was actually taken. The computer suffered through damages and misuse(both intended and unintended), and eventually much of the data was lost.

    All the best,Wayne

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