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What makes Xi’an unique is the enormous City Wall that surrounds the central block of the city. You can actually walk the entire wall in four and a half hours. The must see…Terracotta Warriors: They say it could be called the 8th wonder of the world. 6,000 plus soldiers unearthed dating back 2,000 years during Qin Shi Huang’s rule. A special attribute to this discovery is that each terracotta soldier is different; no two soldier’s faces are alike. Save the best for last and start backwards: Pit 3, Pit 2 then make your way to Pit 1 and you will not be disappointed. The Big Goose Pagoda at night with an awesome fountain/music show is pretty fantastic. It goes down every night at 8:30–highly recommended and the best thing is…it’s free!Click here for more photos!

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Great Mosque and Muslim Quarter: Good eats and cheap. I pretty much ate here every day. I don’t know the local names but they come close to: steam buns, loads of kebabs, flat bread sandwiches and heaps of desserts….the huashenggao “peanut cakes” are to die for!  


I didn’t plan on staying here for five days but because the trains were full I had no choice. Though,  in my extended time here, I’ve developed a fondness for this city. I wouldn’t mind settling here at all. Anyway, I’m off to Qingdao…. It’s going to be a long train ride – 20 hours! Yikes! But with a fully charged ipod, a good book and bag full of peanut cakes – it won’t be that bad 🙂     


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  1. Rhona says:

    Looks like a fantastic place to visit! I love the terracotta army. Love that. Most of the food looks great but for the live shrimp. Uhm, I’de have pass. lol. Looking forward to more updates of your adventures.

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