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RIP Dan Kenn

Dan Kenn, London, a friend and fellow traveler – Rest in peace brother.

I met Dan back in Thailand, Sept 08. We, along with three others, also known as the crazy five, spent two nights, three days trekking the mountains of Chiang Mai. Three days with Dan, I can truly say he was one adoring, free-spirited guy who took life as it came and had a good time. One day at the river, I remember asking him, “Why he wasn’t jumping in for a swim?” It turned out that he just got a tattoo done in Bangkok before coming to Chiang Mai. It was after a few beers and encouragement from a few travelers he met at a Khoa San bar that he decided to get inked – spur of the moment kind of-thing I guess! 🙂 But don’t worry Dan had already planned to get one and had an idea of what he wanted to get inked before even coming to Thailand. He just didn’t expect that he was going to get it done on the day of arrival. LOL! 

Dan, I’m happy I got the chance to meet and get to know you in those three days in the jungle. I’ll always remember our late night talks, laughs and drinking games. You will be missed not only by me but also from everyone you’ve touched with your presence.


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  1. Sheila says:

    🙁 What happen to him??

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