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A fairly modernized city yet there’s still a small feel of Chinese culture and history (well, at least that’s what I got). Due to the May Day holiday, exploring Nanjing was slow to say the least. I swear everybody and their moms were here for the holiday. The traffic was nauseatingly bad – attempting to travel by local bus was a nightmare and for some apparent reason taxis were unattainable. I’d probably be better off if I rented a bicycle 🙂 Bicycle commuting is very common here, which I find enticing. Nonetheless, I still enjoyed my two days in Nanjing – it was quite relaxing (when I’m not running around). The scattered rivers and lush greenery definitely add to the charm of the city that’s for sure. I never made it up Zijinshan (Purple Mountain), which was my initial plan, but I did get some sightseeing in: Confucius Temple, Light Temple Pagoda, City Wall.

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Behind The Wall (Spanish restaurant) – enjoying sangrias, tequila shots, a guitarist jammin’ out “hotel california” on the acoustic….. it got me missing home!

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