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Last day in Jogja

Spent my last few hours roaming around Jogja. I started the day in search for a local favorite, “Gudeg” (jackfruit, brown sugar, red onions boiled in coconut milk for hours). The locals usually eat Gudeg in the late night sitting on the streets. I found a restaurant near by thanks to Latif, in the place it’s custom to take off your slippers and sit on the floor. Gudeg is on my list of favs – it’s absolutely delicious!

In my pic above, top left of the plate is Gudeg, top right is krecek (boiled cow skin), served with chicken (yes that’s a chicken leg) and rice.

I got to see the infamous bird market, the underground Mosque (muslim), water castle, and last but not least the Prambanan.

The Prambanan is the largest Hindu Temple compound in South East Asia. The three main temples are in the middle of the compound: Brahma (the creator), Vishnu (the keeper) and Shiva (the destroyer). In addition, there are 224 temples surrounding the three main. The compound is still in major reconstruction as you will see in my photos.

Gosh, all these temples are pumping me up for Angkor Wat in Cambodia!! (I’ll be in Cambodia in a few weeks)


2 responses to “Last day in Jogja”

  1. IRIS says:

    Oh man! Finally you wrote…I was beginning to worry. You know me, I’m such a worry-wart. So Cambodia’s next, eh? Wow, did you really eat that chicken leg???… By the way, those Hindu temples are gorgeous!!!
    Sam, the boys, and I are doing fine. Donovan started pre-school Monday, 9/8. He’s still adjusting to the change. He’s been crying almost every morning of this week, but today he’s shown some progress. He didn’t run after me as I was leaving. He just stood there and waved goodbye. =) As for Seth, he’s 12 pounds now. He’s definitely putting on more weight and filling out. Anna’s given him a tag name – CHUNKY. hehehe…He’s almost 3 months old and his latest milestones are smiling, responding w/ ooh’s & aah’s when you talk to him, pushing himself w/ his legs when he’s on his tummy and also lifting his head up. He’s looking more and more like Sammy too. He totally should’ve been named SAMMY JR.

    Anyways, I’m soooo happy to hear all is well with you. Continue on your exciting adventures… take care and be safe. Hugs & kisses, -Iris

  2. Sophia says:

    Hi Iris – Good to hear that you and the fam are well. I miss you all dearly! You have to send me pics of Chunky Seth!! Congrats to Donovan for starting pre-school – I can picture him standing there waving

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