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China blocks Hotmail? C’mon!

“Two days before the 20th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre, China’s censors moved today to limit the access of the country’s increasingly tech-savvy population to vast swathes of the Internet”. – Times Online

China blocks access to web sites on a regular basis. Normally, they will block any websites that they find offensive; particularly dealing with Chinese political issues or any talks about Taiwan and Tibet. China recently blocked access to Blogspot (as of two weeks ago) and Google’s YouTube (since March). In this case, China will be temporarily shutting down access to several more major sites due to the upcoming Tiananmen anniversary, June 4.

So as of today, June 2nd, 5pm – China blocked access to Twitter, Flickr and Hotmail. Sure, I understand photo/video-sharing sites like Flickr, Blogspot, Youtube, etc…. but Hotmail? Email service? C’mon now!! I use my hotmail email for work, school, etc… and now I’m not going to be able to access my email for the next few days. Fudge – that’s frustrating…

Hmmm… so what’s next, Facebook? I’m predicting in the next few days will see more websites being blocked. I wouldn’t be surprised. Hopefully after the anniversary, things will get back to normal and websites will be back up. Although, if we go by recent blocks, like Blogspot and Youtube, crap it could possibly be weeks or months 🙁

Fam and friends – for the next few days, you’ll have to contact me via this blog site, unless China decides to block it for who knows what reason. I’ll post up my Korea pics as soon as Flickr is back up.

All is well. Love and miss you all.


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