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a lovely evening in bangkok

Tonight was a lovely evening. Malia and I treated ourselves for trip
to the beauty salon downstairs of Aung’s apartment. We were a bit
skeptical coming in & weren’t entirely sure what we’d get for a
whopping 150 bht (about $6 U.S.). To our pleasant surprise we were
cared for by several stylists who really knew what they were doing
(you could feel it in their hands, the way they cut & angled the
dryer). Got a shampoo, face massage, cut, blowdry, and style. Walked
out felling like a million bucks!

We set out for dinner & decided on a restaurant that had air
conditioning. Decided on fancy dinner at the King Park Avenue, the
nicest hotel we have within a 5 minute walking radius. Salad bar,
soup, ponzu sake sashimi, grilled porkchops, baked potatoes, lamb,
steak, prawns, fruit, and a pitcher of Singha beer later we start up a
duscussion.. “Cheers to us! Why don’t people do this more often?”. In
fact, we’ve barely seen any foreign travelers outside of the major
tourist pits. A few couples here and there at beach and troubled
backpackers touting 100+ lbs. of goods across the Chao Praya. No
girls who saved their pennies, quit their jobs, and figure out their
path along the way. I’m sure they’re out there, maybe even on the next
street over, but nonetheless, we proceeded to cheers to our little

To cap off the night, we meet a new friend on the way home. Right
there on the side streets of Bangkok outskirts, we see an elephant &
his mahut strolling towards us. I can’t begin to explain the joy that
filled my heart! I stopped in front of this majestic creature as it
reached it’s trunk out towards me. I extended my hand out, and we
looked eachother straight in the eye. I’ll go ahead and say it… we
had a moment. Only I was thinking “I love you, you’re beautiful” and
the elephant was probably just thinking “Lady, are you going to buy me
a snack and feed me or what?”. Another man came up to us and said
that the cane I gave my new friend was good for elephants babies.
Wonder if he was trying to tell me she was pregnant? Ahhh… What a

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10 responses to “a lovely evening in bangkok”

  1. christy says:

    awesome jess! i can’t wait to come and visit you girls. i can’t wait to see elephants, which are what made me sway to thailand instead of bali. also, you and malia look so very stylish 🙂

  2. Mom says:

    oops–thanks for deleting my address but I wanted to be sure you had the correct one…the postcard did get to me but it took 12 days with the wrong address…Grandma’s funeral service went very well yesterday…think she would have liked it and Beverly is staying at Maui Beach through the weekend so that will be nice for Ken too….everyone said to tell you hi and they envied your trip! Suzy sat by me and said hi too….have fun with the elephants! Love you, Mom

  3. Kira Roberts says:

    I’m sorry I’ve been out of the loop, but now I’m all caught up and really enjoying your blogs, pictures, and videos. I also would have told the elephant I love you, you’re beautiful. That was definately a lovely evening in Bangkok.

  4. Kim says:

    you ladies look gorgeous!!! =)

    yes, why don’t more people “live” the life instead of just fantasizing??? hehe. i should follow in your footsteps…hopefully one day real soon.

    btw…thank you for the postcard! i was so excited!! i’m glad to know that even in thailand there’s bling to remind you of me wherever you may go…

    love you guys!!!!!

  5. kimi says:

    Well thank goodness for the 7 buck haircuts! You want to look your best when meeting such a special new friend! Awesome girls, way to live it up!

  6. jasmine says:

    so fun! miss you both – love the hair, video and story!

  7. Eric says:

    You look Great Babe!!! Maybe thats why the elephant couldn’t take his eyes off of ya 😉

  8. Eric says:

    Jess..When u get to LA I’ll give you a whole $7 to spend in the salons here too! No need for your thanks…

  9. Brianne says:

    so awesome guys! =) I wish I could live it up like you too — ah well, at least I can live vicariously through your blog — so not the same, but it’ll have to do for now. =) Europe in 8 days!

  10. Jessie says:


    I just came back from Chiang Mai. What an awesome place to visit.

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