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it’s a delicacy, right?!?

Saturday, April 12th, 2008

ok i think i get the prize now for the weirdest eating experience… grasshoppers, tarantulas – piece of cake. how about a little snake blood?!?! do i win??

(check out the end of the blog for the video evidence!)

to celebrate our last night in vietnam, emily, bryan and i decided to go to a village called le mat 7km northeast of hanoi to try out snake cuisine! we’d read about it in a teeny tiny (and not very descriptive) section in lonely planet, and decided that we wanted to see for ourselves. so we had our hotel book us a cab out to the “snake village.”

the weather has been a little strange lately and as we drove out to the village, a misty rain cast an eerie glow over the buildings we passed. when we arrived in the town itself, our cab was flanked on either side by two guys on motorcycles who were yelling at our driver. eventually, we began to follow one of the motorcycles down a series of streets and alleyways, getting more and more nervous the deeper we drove into town. we pulled up to what looked like a house of some sort, and inside we glimpsed jars of cobras and snakes lining the walls. a man came out holding a slithering snake, and the three of us looked at each other uneasily but decided that since we’d come this far we might as well go all the way.

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