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bye bye, bali

last night while i was getting ready to fall asleep, i kept thinking about all the things i need to do before we leave bali tomorrow night. it’s always like that when we’re getting ready to pack up and move on, and it was distracting me so this morning i put it down in a list. it’s mostly things to buy (cheap sunglasses, a larger duffel bag, shampoo, a few souvenirs) and things to do (fix ipod, reconfirm our flight). some of the items on my list are things that are SO “bali” that we have to fit them in one more time before we leave. cheap meals (yesterday i had a t-bone steak dinner for $2), cheap spa treaments (massage, deep conditioning hair treatment, and mani/pedi for $25), and of course, laying by the pool to soak up the bali sunshine.

this morning i woke up ready to jump into my bikini and… it’s POURING outside. like, cats and dogs pouring.

WHAT? it rains in kuta?!?

kuta is a beach town, not unlike waikiki on oahu, world famous for its white sand beach and endless sunshine. it’s not the most authentic experience you’ll get of balinese life or culture. in fact, as i’m typing this at the internet cafe, there’s techno music blaring in my ear – and it’s only 9am. yeah, it’s that kind of place. but it’s also close to the airport, there’s lots of “comfort foods” for people missing home, cheap shopping, and – most importantly – there’s always sunshine. (except today!)

but luckily for us, we’ve found a new hobby that is also quintessentially bali. cheap bootleg dvds! last night we rented a tv and dvd from a store that sells the bootlegs, and jess and i both went a little bit crazy on the pirated discs! for less than the price of one new dvd back home, you can get around 30 over here. you can even get video games, computer software, entire series of tv shows, and music dvds. we both spent a while picking out titles last night and then settled in to watch walk hard: the dewey cox story and juno.

i guess it was good timing too – since there will be no tanning today on account of the rain, we’ll be making full use of our 24 hour rental on the tv. up next: entourage, season 3!

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  1. Brianne says:

    what dya think of juno? kinda quirky but entertaining nevertheless huh?

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