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a journey of a thousand miles…

Friday, September 28th, 2007

… begins with a single step. =)

and that first step was booking our tickets! it’s official, we’re now confirmed for the trip of a lifetime… if i’m MIA until january, it’s because i’m saving up for our five month adventure!

here’s the itinerary in case anyone wants to join us!!

1/8 honolulu to hongkong (via taipei) – arriving 1/9
1/15 hongkong to bangkok (thailand)
4/14 bangkok to singapore
4/22 singapore to bali (thru jakarta)
5/21 bali to sydney, australia
5/27 sydney to aukland, new zealand
6/10 aukland to fiji
6/17 fiji to honolulu

another thing that has changed since we started planning this trip is that i truly have come to value “things” less and experiences more. i’ve been trying to get rid of a lot of my possessions because i don’t want to have to put a ton of stuff in storage while we’re gone. once i started, i couldn’t stop! there’s so much crap i’ve accumulated for no reason. my house is so tiny, yet i’ve still managed to pack it full of things i don’t really need. it’s refreshing to be eliminating the clutter and making room for new and exciting experiences…

i’m so excited!! =)