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it’s official!

Tuesday, June 26th, 2007

so its official… just pressed “send” on the email turning down a job offer for january since i won’t be here in january… and guess where i’ll be????

on an around-the-world journey that’s been my whole life in the making… i can’t wait! i’ve always loved to travel and i’ve always said i would love to just take some time off to travel, but never quite put it into action. i was bitten by the travel bug the first time i left the U.S. when i was a sophomore in high school… it was japan that summer, france the next summer, and europe the summer after that… then the “real world” hit and there was school or work or relationships… always something to keep me rooted to the ground, although i tried to go on my little adventures when i could and my main purpose in working and saving money was always to fund my excursions… but its just not the same when you’ve got a maximum two week time limit. the summer between high school and college, i spent almost 3 months backpacking through france, spain, italy, and the czech republic… i’ve always wanted to do it again. and now the chance has come up and so this time i’m gonna take it!
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