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road tripping

Saturday, June 7th, 2008

so jess and i have spent almost two weeks in new zealand so far. we’ve not had enough time to get down to the south island (which EVERYONE says we need to see!) but we’ve traveled all over north island in our trusty rental car. we make up our own games to pass the time as the miles (oops, kilometers!) roll by. well, jess drives, i navigate. we’ve got it down to a science. well, most of the time. but isn’t getting lost just a fun way of taking the scenic route?

road trip new zealand!
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winter wonderland

Saturday, May 31st, 2008

i know all of you back home are complaining about the heat, and just a few weeks ago so were we! bali, singapore, thailand, all of them kept us busy figuring out different ways to beat the heat. it all seems like so long ago, now that we’re in the cold weather of new zealand! last night our room was so cold, and jess and i took turns staring dumbly at our radiator, fiddling with the controls, kicking it, and trying to get the damn thing to work. we both gave up and headed to bed bundled up, crossing our fingers it would magically go on during the night. somehow this morning, around 10am it started to gurgle and now we’ve got a nice and toasty room. go figure.

yes, we’ve made it to the southern hemisphere. yes, australia, new zealand, and the rest of the world “down under” are heading into winter. yes, the toilets flush in the opposite direction down here. and no, we haven’t tried vegemite. we’re definitely not in asia anymore.
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